Panel: Time to Play Together @ Jade Music Festival

(PDT, UTC-07) (PDT, UTC-07)

ANNEX, 823 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3L4

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Stepping into the realm of underrepresented artists and those introducing their language and heritage to new audiences, this panel delves into essential practices and protocols. For artists navigating these paths, what guidelines ensure a successful journey?

Drawing wisdom from music producers, coaches, and artists themselves, this discussion unites experience and aspiration. How can artists authentically amplify their identities through music while bridging gaps in representation? This panel explores insights on navigating unlit stages. From cultural resonance to innovative presentation, panelists will dissect strategies for cultivating meaningful connections with new audiences.

Join us as we learn from those who have championed their identities through music, to build new appreciation and understanding for their heritage. This panel casts a spotlight on vital considerations for underrepresented artists and cultural ambassadors alike, enriching the musical tapestry with diverse voices.

Free entry, registration required