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For my homeland I am pining
I will keep this letter rhyming, they can decode, what is written in prose
So they tried me in my absence, when I heard about my sentence
I had to smile, here in exile
For you know from your excursions if the truth has many versions
Then what is a lie, to the trembling sky?

As our nation looked for heroes we both fell in with the weirdoes,
All of our peers, artists and queers
As I recall we still were kissing, as our friends were going missing
Spit in the eye, of the trembling sky

If you are taken for correction, they will ask about connection.
Just play the game, slander my name
And don’t ask them for a reason, or they’ll have you tried for treason
Never ask why of the trembling sky

As our countrymen all hardened,
Esmat found me in my garden
Gave me the queue, time to slip through

So I hope you understand
there was no time to touch your hand
When I had to fly from the trembling sky
Never say die to the trembling sky