Canberra Theatre Centre@Home - 17 June 6pm with Kim Yang

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The first week of CTC @ HOME programming begins on Monday with Kids in the House, a song and dance program featuring local children’s show The Joe Boogie Show. This will be followed by Chapter the First, a live reading of the first chapter of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel on class, wealth, and decay, The Great Gatsby read by local playwright and performer Christopher Samuel Carroll.

Wednesday 17 June features a special performance by local musician Kim Yang, playing her ethereal brand of soothing folk, pop, and blues, and Roll for Intelligence with Joel Barcham, a performative role-playing game featuring live musical accompaniment.

The first week finishes with a bang, with CTC@Home headline program The World From Here with Chris Endrey. This is the first of an eight-episode series exploring the world through the lens of host Chris Endrey, beloved musician, producer and creator of Canbeurovision. Each episode is themed and the season will journey through the artworks, athletes, neighbours, intellectuals, musicians and audience who share in Chris's journey to scratch beneath the surface of all things in life. We’ll release the schedule week by week, so stay tuned for more local musicians and performers as well as some well-known local personalities and special guests.

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